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"Alaska's #1 Backcountry Flight School"

Alaska Float Ratings, Moose Pass AK

The Articles, reviews, and quotes on this website were all written by "Paying" students who earned their SES (Single Engine Sea) Float Rating, Moose Pass, Alaska.


Please take time to read and study these comments by past students - you'll know what to expect when you choose Alaska Float Ratings.

Here's our favorite articles submitted

by our students

Alaska Floatplane Rating Course in Moose Pass
This turned out to be one of the best flying experiences I've ever had!

Got my Rating

Why get your Seaplane Rating?

A couple of weeks ago I got my seaplane rating (SES) at Alaska Float Ratings in Moose Pass, Alaska. It was the best flying experience I've ever had!

This is our most popular course. It’s more fun and no pressure.

  • 3-4 Days

  • 8 - hrs of flight time

  • 1-2 hrs of ground school orientation 

  • extra ground school, $50 per hr, paid to instructor 

  • extra aircraft time A/C @ $350 per hr

  • checkride fee NOT included

  • lodging NOT included



This is for you if you already have your SES, or just want mountain instruction.

  • 1-2 Days

  • 3 hours of flight time



Customized Itinerary. This is the best of the best.

  • 3-4 days

  • 10-15 hours of flight time

  • 2-3 nights in a lodge


Price... depends on Itinerary, total aircraft time, lodge cost, etc

This is even better — time for exploring, fly-in fishing, and aerial photography.

  • 5-6 Days

  • 15 hrs of flight time

  • 1-2 hrs of ground school orientation

  • extra ground school, $50 per hr, paid to instructor

  • extra aircraft time A/C @ $350 per hr

  • checkride fee NOT included

  • 5 nights in a cabin



Learn About Us

We are an advanced training facility dedicated to float, mountain and bush flying, where you can earn your SES (single engine sea) rating. 

We are located on Trail Lake in Moose Pass, Alaska. A remote Alaska location you can get to by driving. Here, without ATC, other planes taxing for take off ,etc causing you to wast expensive airplane and instructor time, you will maximizes your training time and money.

Student Testimonials about their Backcountry Experience

MARIE B., 1999

"What a beautiful setting for flying floats while getting current and earning Sea Wings!"


"Just want to thank you again for the great time I had at your place this past week & to thank you for letting me do it "my way". It couldn't have been more perfect for me, doing three hours or so of the basics with your instructors (all great guys by the way) & then that incredible 3hr+ flight in the mountains with Vern which put it all in perspective for me."



"As a 25 year Air Force fighter pilot, air show pilot and general aviation pilot I cannot agree more with your approach and lessons from this first news letter."


"Thank's again for the great experience!!!!!!"



"I fly a Cirrus and had it in the NC mountains this weekend. Thanks to you guys I was hugging the mountain on the side with the up draft with plenty of room to turn."

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