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We are now taking registrations for 2021. We have some weeks that are almost booked so call soon. 

You can fill out the registration form and send to

He will get your deposit processed and send you a confirmation.

Welcome Letter

 The AFR Study Materials are offered here so that you may evaluate and discover for yourself why Vern Kingsford’s  Alaska Float Ratings is a flight school unequaled by none.

    You may download and use these study materials even if you decide not to sign up for one of our “Flying Wild Alaska” Adventure courses. If you have signed up, welcome! You are in for an adventure and experience of your life.

    Please note this material is copyrighted. Please give us credit when you use these lessons.

    If you are an instructor, feel free to adapt any of my ideas. Your students will be better prepared for their check ride and the rest of their lives.

     I know that some of you will disagree with what I’ve written. Some of you will be impressed. Others won’t care.  Please send me some feedback, bad, good or indifferent.


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