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Please email to inquire of exact availability and answer any other questions you have. I'll be happy to email, fax, or mail a registration form to you or click here to download a PDF registration form that you can fill-up and fax or mail back to us. We do not accept credit cards via the internet. You may pay the $500 deposit required to hold your school dates by check or MC/Visa.


We like to begin your lessons on Mondays in Moose Pass. We recognize that you might need a different schedule.

We will make every effort to accommodate your schedule, as you need. At Lake Hood we start when you want. (depending on Instructor availability) Be sure to read my letter to pilots regarding training at Lake Hood at the bottom of my homepage. It starts out... Please read this Really Important message to Alaska pilots about flying at Lake Hood, When you email or call Vern, be sure to mention if you want your SES lessons, refresher, or BFR out of Lake Hood in Anchorage, or Trail Lake, Moose Pass. You will not have the experience of mountain flying instruction out of Lake Hood, the mountains are too far away. So far, ALL dates, except a few, are currently open during the 2021 season. 


We are now taking registrations for 2021. We have some weeks that are almost booked so call soon. You can fill out the registration form and send to

Local students can finish their SES rating over a couple of weekends. So call or email to check weekend availability.



Look forward to you flying with us!

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