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Rarely does a student pilot have the opportunity to fly with experienced instructors who have been taught and guided by an instructor/examiner with nearly 18,000 hours, over 7,800 hours on floats, and with 40 years of flying in Alaska. You will get just such an opportunity with us at Alaska Float Ratings. Our instructors are also working Part 135 bush pilots. They are using the same techniques all summer long that they're teaching you. Each of our instructors are chosen for their skills, experience, dedication, and teaching abilities.

Darlene Kellogg-Rudisill

Great instructors shouldn’t be this nice. Darlene was the Los Angeles FSDO's Certified Flight Instructor of the Year in 1997. (We're not b ragging, just fact.) With her over 16,000 hours of flying time I want you to read what she has to say.

"My fir st summer instructing in Moose Pass was the first time in my entire flying career of more than 29 years that  I wasn’t  current on instruments or wheels! But I loved it. I learned in a Luscombe; I have taught private, instrument, and commercial pilots in single engine, multi-eninge and tail draggers. I have 11,000 hours of instruction given. I've flown most models of Lear Jets, both charter and corporate. Teaching floats in a Super Cub in Moose Pass, Alaska, has been the most fun and challenging I’ve experienced. Each year I can’t wait for summer to get here.

In May 2010 I flew the Luscombe from California to Alaska. Only spent four nights at Fort St. John on the Alaska-Canada Highway. Saw snow on the wings of my plane for the very first time. I had a great trip."

Evan Gardner

Darlene fueling one of the Super Cubs

Evan Gardner "Congratulations to Evan Gardner our CFI for passing his ATP written".

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