I cannot emphasize enough the value you receive by actually getting your float training in this confined mountainous location experiencing the closeness of the mountains personally encountering the mountain winds and learning where the wind shears occur and how to avoid them.


The lessons you receive here will develop confidence in your future ability to handle and recognize why mountain flying is indeed a skill that should be developed under instruction, not learned by trial and error. These lessons can be applied to all of your flying not just flying floats. It'll make you a better pilot, for sure. You’re receiving two courses in one - Mountain Flying and your Single Engine Sea Rating! 

You’ll fly on and off six different lakes - all just a few minutes from our base on Upper Trail Lake in Moose Pass. These are listed from the largest to the smallest. We are 97 miles south of Anchorage just off the Seward Highway in Moose Pass, on the Kenai Peninsula, in the Chugach National Forest. You can drive, or take a bus, or charter us to pick you up at Lake Hood.

P.O. Box 4 Moose Pass, Alaska 99631 | Phone: 907 288 3646 


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Blackstone Bay